12 Years Away From Climate Catastrophe


I have some bad news.

As it stands, the future isn't looking too good for the planet.

In the UN's latest report, issued by the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change on Monday, climate scientists warned that we're on track for a 'climate catastrophe'. The 1.5C global warming guard rail could be exceeded in just 12 years, with devastating consequences for the planet.

What happens if the temperature increases by even half a degree? 99% of coral reefs will disappear, marine animals will die, sea levels will rise, crops will diminish, the likelihood of drought, floods, extreme heat will increase and hundreds of millions of people will be at risk of displacement or death.

It is up to governments to now invest 2.5% of their GDP into cutting down the use of fossil fuels, reducing emissions and investing in renewable energy.

And it is up to us too. Each of us play an important role and each of us make a difference. There is nothing good to come from burying our heads in the sand and deferring responsibility. Act now! You can make a positive impact by -

- Consuming less (or no) meat
- Buying more locally-sourced, in-season & organic food
- Avoiding single-use plastic
- Opting for reusable items
- Recycling (and properly! Check your local gov website for more info)
- Going paperless
- Walking and cycling more
- Shortening or sharing your showers
- Switching to a renewable energy supplier
- Buying vintage or second hand
- Boycotting unsustainable brands and practices
- Sharing knowledge

Our natural environment is the very reason we are able to stay alive. Our future kind of depends on it, so we ought to at least try, right? Who's with me?