Eco-Friendly Tips for the Festival Season

Glastonbury Festival is finally around the corner, and I'm not going to lie, I've been eagerly awaiting this moment for 364 days. With 200,000 of us descending upon Worthy Farm this weekend, here are some simple tips that'll help to reduce your impact and personal contribution to waste on-site.  

1. Pack light - Be selective about what you take. Are you likely to use everything up or will you waste food/toiletries? 

2. Take your own cutlery, water bottle, and food container - If you're on the go and eating out 2/3 times a day, you'll end up throwing out multiple single-use plastic items every day, which are toxic for the environment. If your packaging is compostable or recyclable, make sure you put it in the correct bins so it ends up where it's supposed to on the other side. 

3. Switch to reusable or biodegradable products for your toiletries and makeup, including glitter - There are some amazing brands offering compostable and biodegradable alternatives to single-use hygiene and makeup wipes such as Faith in Nature and Ecocare. As pretty as it is, normal glitter is awful for the planet as it's essentially tiny fragments of plastic. Glitterlution is an amazing brand of biodegradable glitter with plenty of cool colours to choose from. 

4. Don't pee or take a dump on the land - As appealing as it is to be at one with nature, the ground water from the site runs into the nearby river and around the valley for miles, and local ecosystems will be affected if we were all to do our business in the grass. Your poo will be put to good use as compost the following year in the Permaculture area and Peace garden. How lovely! 

5. Throw away your waste and take everything home - Someone's got to clean it up, and since you created it, it might as well be you. Dispose of your waste appropriately and make sure you take everything home with you, tent included. If you no longer need it, there are plenty of iniatives and charities that'll take it off your hands once you're back home and give it to someone in need of shelter. 


Happy camping and I'll see you in the field!