Every Day Is Earth Day

"The Earth is not just our environment, the earth is our Mother." - Dalai Lama

On Saturday, over 200 of us came together in celebration of International Earth Day, to show that we care for the planet - to raise funds for charities and initiatives based here in the UK who are fighting against climate change. I was so happy to see such a great turnout, especially having expected about 5 people to show up - What an honour to have shared such an important day with so many special friends, old and new!

Now that it's over, how can we move forward with this momentum and make every day Earth Day? How can we start living in a way that is more in harmony with the planet, shifting away from choices and actions that result in the degradation of the environment and exploitation of other humans, in favour of sustainability and conservation as well as social justice, before profit?

Myself, Joanna Bodimeade - fellow environmentalist and founder of www.lowcarbonlove.com, and the rest of the Earth Day team have put together some ideas for small changes that you can implement today. Check it out below - 


Switch to 100% renewable energy

Shorten your showers and turn off the taps 

Choose LED bulbs over halogen and florescent 

Wash at 30 degrees

Plant some flowers on the windowsill 


Refuse plastic bags and carry a reusable tote bag instead - 

Refuse plastic bottles and food containers by bringing your own water and making your own lunch - 

Refuse single-use cutlery and buy a bamboo spork - www.boobalou.com

Refuse plastic straws - www.eco-straws.co.uk

Refuse disposable coffee cups and get a biodegradable reusable cup - www.ecoff.ee


Recycle your hard plastic, glass, cardboard and metal waste

Reduce/cut out meat

Buy local, organic produce, and in bulk where possible

Avoid fast-fashion and buy second hand

Opt for walking or cycling


Whilst we can't do it all, we can try to do our bit. After all, there is no planet B.

If you have any additional ideas, I'd love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below.