Lotte Bowser Yoga



Thank you for visiting my website. 

I strive to share the ancient teachings of yoga philosophy and the modern understanding of the human body, in a down-to-earth, accessible and fun way. My classes provide an open and welcoming space for students of all levels to explore the practice of yoga, in a way that suits the individual best. I believe that there is no right or wrong way of doing yoga, and because of that, hope to empower people to be their own teachers - to tune into and connect to their own bodies, and move with a sense of freedom and intuition unbound by dogma.

Each week, classes are sequenced around a physical focus with a philosophical thread weaved in-between, guided by the breath and set to an uplifting soundtrack of melodic electronic and world music.

You can practice with me every week at studios Another Space, BLOK, ChromaYoga and HotPod Yoga, as well as corporate yoga classes and wellness events.

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When we listen to sounds or music we love, our brains release dopamine, our serotonin levels increase, and oxytocin is produced, which causes the rush of positive emotion we experience. That, combined with the cathartic practices of yoga and movement = Magic. 

Introducing Yoga Sonora - an immersive wellness experience, combining breath-work, yoga and intuitive movement with binaural beats, deep house and melodic techno from around the globe. We believe that music and movement are two powerful healing modalities, and when brought together, are a recipe for deep transformation, both physically and mentally. 

Inspired by musical experiences on the deep playa at Burning Man, Yoga Sonora’s soundtrack has been carefully curated to do exactly that. Expect to hear tribal percussion, exotic grooves and world vocals, as you are guided through an invigorating exploration of breath-work and movement both on and around your mat.

Cultivate a deeper connection to your mind and body, free your inhibitions and get lost in music.

Every Yoga Sonora event supports One Tree Planted’s international reforestation efforts in the Amazon Rainforest.